To put it plainly…because you get to MAKE SHIT UP! *cue applause*

No really. It’s fantasy. You get to make it alllll up.  And I’m not talking in a delusional sort of way (ok maybe a little bit at times, or often, because it’s fun), but more so that you get to use your imagination!

You may be thinking “But I don’t have an imagination?”

Well, let’s stop that negative self-talk right now. Everyone has an imagination. Some of us have shoved it down because we’re ‘adults’ and adults shouldn’t partake in make believe. And to that I say shove off before I release my dragon on you. Day to day life is real enough (ugh, Mondays and breakups), so why not have a little healthy escape, like, saaaayyyy imagining what a world would be like on YOUR terms.

When I first began writing my debut novel, Ethereal, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  Seriously, I had a story that had been on repeat in my mind for years until it finally filled up my brain so much until the magic began to leak out of my fingers and onto my keyboard. And thus, The Ice Mage Saga was born.

Was it easy? Hell to tha-nah! It took me ten years to write that shiz! Mostly because I was only writing it for myself for the first eight years because I was embarrassed to let others read it (more on getting out of your own way in a different post). So no, it wasn’t easy…at first. I took it too seriously. Until one day, I finally realized how ridiculous I was being. 

I was writing a FANTASY novel. The word itself basically means ‘stuff I made up.’ But once I stopped taking it so seriously, that was when the real fun began. I threw out all of the rules (welll, most of them because I mean we in the fantasy genre know there are certain rules that we must abide by thus the fantasy police hunt us down and judge our work back off). But for the most part, it’s free reign. 

Want your character to be invincible? Ok sure, but keep in mind that flawless = boring. Just sayin’.

Want dragons and fairies and maybe even some forest folk with hands for feet and feet for hands? Yah ok go for it!

Do whatever you want and enjoy it. It’s your world to build. They are your characters to create. The plot is yours to mold into whatever you want; just be sure you don’t write yourself into a corner because let me tell you my friend that sucks. If ya’ll want me to write a post about that, just let me know in the comments below.

And that, my fantasy loving friends, are only some of the reasons why I believe fantasy is the best genre to write in. Not that I don’t have respect and admiration for any and all of the genres. Writing is, after all, an all consuming life choice. Because once you start, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Once you make friends with the story within you, the one you’ve been carrying around for years, and you come two an agreement that you will allow it to escape the confines of your mind…oh get just get ready because there is a very good chance it will consume you. In the best possible way.

So, go do yourself a solid and stop fighting it. Allow imagination to do it’s thang. And please, for the love, enjoy the ride! 

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