Mabon: The Season of Letting Go

Happy September my lovely friends! 

This is my absolute favorite time of year, when summer is fading, making way for Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. It’s that time of year when you can feel the seasons click. The days begin to grow shorter, the mornings start to settle into the cool crispness of fall, and our spirits begin the natural rhythm of shifting into hibernation mode. 

And let us not forget the sweaters, hot cups of coffee, pumpkin everything, and my favorite day of the entire year…HALLOWEEN!

For me, Autumn is a very unique time of year. I’m sure a lot of you out there feel much of the same. Pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters aside, Mabon brings another sort of comfort to me…


My thoughts begin to slow, and my soul exhales a sigh of relief as we journey into this season of comfort. Watching the majestic trees put on their yearly show of colors, only to allow it all to fall away in good time, is a lovely reminder to not try to hold onto what has now passed. It can be so easy to become attached to something that feels good (be it a person, job, or habit), and when it organically draws to a close (as most things do in life), we cling to it, refusing to let it go. That attachment only causes our own suffering. Unnecessarily so. 

My studies and practices of witchcraft and wicca have taught me this powerful lesson more so than anything else. Fighting against the divine, the old ones, the gods and goddesses, or whatever sort of higher power you may believe in, is futile and only harms you. It is in finding that trust, that faith, that what is meant for you will be yours, so long as you focus your good energy on it, that you will find lasting peace and personal empowerment.

Letting go is almost never easy, especially when you truly love what it is you’re are attempting to cling to. But if you can learn to trust in yourself and in your beliefs, that is where you will find your freedom. That is where you will find your lasting peace.

Just like the trees let go of their leaves every year, without struggle, we too must learn to do the same. Afterall, we are connected to Mother Earth; her ways are OUR ways. So let your leaves fall away when the time is right, and trust that you will grow again. 

Enjoy all this lovely time of year has to offer!

In Love and Magic,



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