Ethereal: Book One of The Ice Mage Saga

We are not alone. The world we see is not the only one. In fact, it is the least exciting and complex of them all; the Gods designed it that way. No magic, no solid proof of the divine; life here is a bore in comparison.

Forced into a brotherhood of assassins as a young boy, Aydin Vayne was molded into the perfect killer. It was only after his magical birthright consumed his human form, amplifying his already lethal skills and rendering him indestructible that he became a legend.

But seven-hundred years of immortality has left life mundane.

That is, until he is hired by a Realm God to protect Evey, a woman of Earth unknowingly harboring the magic formidable enough to annihilate any realm.

Fighting against the inherent rage infused within his magic, that which yearns for Evey’s destruction, Aydin is determined to shield her from the ominous forces vying for control of her magic…

And from her own inevitable self-destruction.