Do we ever really know?

We have all been there.  You believe you have it all planned out.  You can see that vision as clear as the Instagram photos you scroll through everyday.  Just the thought of what your future holds flips your stomach and speeds up your heart in the best of ways!  You’re ready for it all.

But then something happens.  You are suddenly thrown off this perfect course. Your immaculately laid out vision has suddenly become some screwed-up looking, cheap picaso knock off.  Dread washes over you and your heart is crushed.

What the heck happened?!  You stayed so focused on what you wanted!  You were ambitious, driven, you hustled everyday and kept your eye on the prize!  And yet, that prize is nowhere to be seen and all you’re left with is confusion and an unexpected situation you were not at all prepared for.

So…what went wrong?

You put a stranglehold on the outcome of your desire, and only ended up choking yourself.

There is something that you visualized with perfect clarity, and wanted it to manifest in exactly that way.  No exceptions.

But is it really up to us?  Can we ever really know the outcome?

Regardless of your belief, or lack thereof, in a divine power (call it God, the Universe, Spirit, the Law of Attraction, or even if you’re an atheist), we can all agree that life knocks us around from time to time.  Things can get tough and we can lose all hope. Shit happens, right?

But why does it happen?

My life’s course has formed a deeply rooted belief in my soul that nothing is random; that everything happens for a reason.  The laws of the universe are way too precise for random.

The only thing you can control is your reaction to the unexpected circumstances that take you to your knees.  You can lose your shit, get angry, sad, enraged, or just plain give up on your dreams. It’s all a choice.

Better yet, why not exhale and let it go?  Will anger change the situation for the better?  Not likely.

Will sadness make that unexpected turn feel bad for screwing up your plans and decide that it was only joking and promises guide you back onto your beautifully crafted path?  Not even close.

When life gets weird, breathe and surrender to it.  Sure, get a little worked up for a minute, but allow yourself to be human and feel it.  Just don’t sit in that negative space for long. It’s pretty uncomfortable, and personally, I find the longer I sit with my friends Self-pity and Despair, the more they like to overstay their (un)welcome.

So walk onward with a smile and breathe.  Look for the things in life which you are grateful for, and focus on those.  But most importantly, trust that whatever is happening is for a reason, and only in the right time will that reason be shown to you.  That’s all any of us can do.

We are co-creating our lives, not full-creating.  If we had full control over the course our lives take, we would never hit these forks in the road, or the major potholes that blow out one (or all) of your tires.  It would be a smooth, straight journey from birth to death. The twists in the road and detours are there for a reason:

To teach us.

So the question to ask yourself is, do we ever really know?  

And more importantly:

Do you really want to know?

I don’t want to know what is going to happen in my day to day life.  I enjoy the surprises (even the shitty ones). It’s all part of the human experience.  It’s a gift. We may not know what will happen, but the one thing I know for certain (about myself) is this: I will continue to ride the flow of life wherever it chooses to lead me, because I trust that the outcome is what is meant for me, and it will be the perfect one.

It’s about the journey, not the destination, right?  I think, maybe it’s both.

If we never veered off course, we would miss out on countless mind-blowing experiences!

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