Choosing love this time…

That’s not to say you should be a robot and just not feel a damn thing. Hell nah! That’s not going to help anything and really…that capability is quite worrisome. FEEEEEEL it all! Let your natural, human reactions roll through you. The key here is to not allow the bad stuff to knock you off your feet, and if it does, to be able to get right back up and realign with love. If you do not learn to see things differently, you are doomed to have history repeat itself until you DO learn.

I am currently finding myself in a history-repeating-itself moment. The less wiser version of me from the first time around reacted with anger, pain, outrage, jealousy, all the shitty emotions. And yah, I kinda felt all that again this time around. For a minute. BUT, the wiser, present Ilea noticed it real fast and pulled herself out of that downward spiral.

So, this time, I am choosing to see and handle this familiar situation with compassion and love. Because it’s a situation born of pain, and causing more pain, or reacting with anger, is not how you heal pain.

You don’t get a nasty burn on your hand and try to heal it with more fire!

Lemme say that again: YOU DON’T GET A NASTY BURN ON YOUR HAND AND TRY TO HEAL IT WITH MORE FIRE! You soothe it. You nurture it. Emotional pain is no different.

Moral of this post: choose to see love instead. Hold that self-awareness and walk into the conflict with love and compassion. Leave the anger at the door.

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