It is finally that time of year again! Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes all the fun, cozy festivities and celebrations. And tonight just so happens to be my favorite night of all (next to Halloween, of course). 

Tonight is the Harvest Moon.

This full moon is so much more than just any other moon phase (Neil Young titled one of his most famous songs about it ffs)! This lovely full moon will appear slightly larger, brighter, and have an orange-ish hue to it, though it’s technically not larger, but the amplified brightness and color change simply has to do with the changing of the season). Historically, farmers used the brightness of this moon as a chance to spend some much needed extra time harvesting their crops before the ground freezes. And this year, it is extra magical, as it falls on Friday the 13th, and in the sign of Pisces. The number thirteen is certainly an auspicious one: it is the average number of menstrual cycles for women per year, and the approximate number of full moons (coincidence? I think not). Fridays, as well as the number thirteen, also have been historically linked to Goddesses. 

See why this full moon is extra, super duper powerful?!

The Harvest Moon is a time of celebration, gratitude, and reflection. As summer winds down, the veil between this world and the spirit world begins to thin, connecting us to the divine and those who came before us. There is a lot of energy for introspection here! Naturally, we begin to reflect over the year and all we have accomplished, and even survived. Mabon is a mere ten days away, so as we approach this moment of equal darkness and light, we, too, begin to balance out our energies for the year.

Tonight, take a moment to reflect on all that has occurred in your life this past year:

What did you hope to accomplish?

  • Did you accomplish it?

Were there setbacks in your life?

  • What did they teach you?

What were some glorious moments that appeared in your life? 

  • Write them down! Reflect!

What do you hope to cultivate for the final months of 2019?

  • Perhaps this inspiration can lead you right on into 2020.

As this is my absolute favorite Full Moon of the year, I have many different ways in which I honor this once a year energy. So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate the Harvest Moon, here are some of my favorites:

  1. Journaling! As a writer, this is my answer for everything. But tonight, this is especially helpful as your soul will feel a bit slower and craving stillness tonight. Write down whatever thoughts you’re having as the coziness of this moon shines down upon you.
  2.  Take a full moon charged, herbal bath. Even if you don’t have a window beside your tub for the rays of the moon to cascade through, know that it is there and your thoughts and intentions are more than enough to charge the waters. I tend to choose herbs that I feel coincide with the autumn season, those of earthy scents and fall colors: rose petals, sage, thyme, even lavender simply because it is such a relaxing herb.
  3. Heat up a cup of apple cider and take a stroll! Of course, be sure you feel safe walking at night (even lit up beneath the full moon). Better yet, take along your favorite person or dog! Walking in the chilly evening air, beneath the powerful rays of the full moon is one of my favorite autumn past times.
  4. Meditate. Spread a blanket on the grass, or sit beside an open window. The energy of this moon will be powerful! Channel it, draw it down and let your soul soak it up.
  5. And my all time favorite thing to do on the Harvest Moon: DANCE! This may seem a bit extreme on the corny scale, but Harvest Moon by Neil Young is one of my all time favorite songs (even in the heat of July, I love this song). Last year, I convinced my husband to sit beneath the beauty of the Harvest Moon with me (he’s not one to feel sentimental in this way haha). After soaking up the moment, I turned on this song, and persuaded Julio to dance beneath the moonlight with me. It is one of my favorite memories with him, wrapped up warmly in his arms, and shrouded in the bright light of my favorite moon.

However you choose to celebrate this very special full moon, do so with intention and love. Pay attention to the change in the air as the season begins to click. Watch as the trees begin to put on their yearly show of colors, before they fade into hibernation for the coming winter. This is a magical time of year, and it will be over before we know it. Cherish every moment, take this time to reflect and plan. And above all else, CELEBRATE!

With love and magick,


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